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File too big to attach


I’m trying to deliver a file to a buyer, sized 130MB. I get the error message saying it’s too big, but the max allowed size is 150 MB. Is my math totally off here, or is this a bug?


Ahhh, I see! Hm … am I even allowd to link to the files or am I only allowed to upload them via Fiverr? (not sure how to send the buyer his/her file otherwise, it’s a huge PSD)

Thanks Madmoo! You’ve been very helpful! :slight_smile:


Hi Madmoo, I had some big files to send too and thought file sharing will be needed, but for that you need the other persons email address and as soon as you mention the word “email” in any Fiverr messages you get a warning that your not allowed to exchange them. How do we go about using the fileshare and getting the contact detaisl off the customer?




Forgot to mention @madmoo: in my post sorry


Reply to @madmoo: Ah ok. The only file transfer system I had ever known of is called WeTransfer and that needs both emails put in, then the files uploaded. Iv’e seen Dropbox on my phone but not checked it out. I will though now.

Thanks again



Have you considered zipping the files to compress the data? I think that’s allowed, no? Most of my files involve text so I haven’t come across it yet. Just another suggestion to consider.


Reply to @dazza6561: Does WeTransfer just email a link to the recipient to download? I used to use one where it required both the email of the recipient and sender as well. What I did was put my email in both areas and it just emailed me a link, which I then just copied and gave to my buyer.


Almost every order I do is too large for the Fiverr system.

WeTransfer does require entering two emails, but it doesn’t matter what two. Enter your email twice or if you have two email adds use both.

Then just send the download link to the buyer. Takes just a few minutes. It’s simple and easy. I’m sure there are many others just as easy to use.


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Thanks very much friends, very helpful indeed.



Also the download link with WeTransfer expires in 7 days, so it’s imperative you relate that to your buyer to encourage a speedy download. Plus I don’t have to manage what uploads I’ve got. The links just expire and WT deletes the file.