File too large?! (Definitely UNDER 150mb)



I have some deadlines coming up very soon and I am prepared to deliver. However, whenever I go to deliver, I am told that the file is too large. The limit is 150mb, supposedly; clearly this is not working.

Luckily I am dealing with many individual files and was able to split my delivery in two. I hope I can send the second batch of files after I deliver. This should be looked into at once, because the 150mb limit is misleading; if I was dealing with a large video file, I would not be able to deliver at all.


i had the same problem as well, i couldnt understand why it wouldnt send.

Luckily i use my dropbox as well to send videos, drop it into my dropbox and supply a link to the buyer so they can download it


I’ve experience a similar bug. I upload 2 files, and fiverr tells me ‘MAX FILES REACHED’. I have to refresh it a few times to get it working again. Although looks like @madmoo has the answer to your problem.