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File Transfer 20GB

How can I transfer the 20GB+ file to my client? Need help!!! Please help me how can transfer the files?

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Through something like dropbox maybe.

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Thank you so much!!! Also, Can i use Google drive??

You can use OneDrive I think too.
They offer free 1TB cloud to their students, insane!

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You can use Google Drive as well


Allows for up to 50 gb for free without registration or log-in. Allows for ftp or torrent transfer. Much better than dropbox or gdrive, or any other service where you have to log in with your e-mail, download in the browser, etc.


I assume so as long as it’s a public link (anyone with the URL can get the file) and you’re not sharing contact info.

@visualstudios I’ve used filemail in the past, not a big fan.
Filemail was being really slow. It’s hard to believe that it was my internet speed that was being dumb, but it indeed is a possibility.

We use it very often, works really well. For really large transfers, don’t do the download in the browser. Use the torrent option or the file mail desktop app. Much faster and more consistent. With both these options, the transfer will never fail, you can stop and resume from where you left off, pause, etc.

With gdrive, dropbox, etc. if there’s any problem with your connection during the transfer (and a 20 gb transfer can take some time), you’ll need to re-start. It also doesn’t work a lot of the times if working with a lot of files to download at once, folders inside folders, etc. - it will try to “compress” it, and it takes forever and doesn’t work.

Not to mention that any cloud storage where you log-in with your e-mail exposes your account if you send the link to someone.

Compress the file using appropriate PDF app.

Please don’t reply if you don’t know what you are talking about. What you said makes no sense.


Though maybe compression (or more) could be an option depending on what is being sent. All the OP’s gigs seem to be for static images, so 20 GB seems a bit big for those. Maybe if the OP says more about what it’s for there might be lower file size option, which might use compression and so might take less time to upload.

Google drive is the best option