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File under review takes FOREVER!

I upload new audio samples for voice-over gig and I haven’t heard any news my samples are being reviewed and proved. Even I contacted the customer service, it’s still under review. It’s been 5 days (Over 24 hrs) and I message them again and again…

What’s wrong with the Fiverr reviewing team. I’m getting no patience now! Does anyone have the same problem? :rage:

I understand your frustration. But if you:

They do not like it and that may be why you are not hearing back from them.

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Didn’t they respond when you contact them the first time?

I understand your frustration because it’s really bad. I realized that these days, if there is an adjustment that I make on my gigs, I have to contact fiverr to get them to review it. Every single time. They usually get it done the same time though when I contact them. The last time, it took over a week and it was not approved. It’s at that time when I contacted customer care, they said they would send it to the team for review. It usually is fixed the same day I email them.

I haven’t messaged customer service yet but it has been 7 days. They really are slow with authorizing audio. I figured they had more important things to do. It really is frustrating. I hope your issues gets resolved soon.

Keep patient’s. Hope it will be solved soon.