File Uploader is Very poor


Fiveer is in desperate need of a better way to attach/upload files.

The current one doesn’t work well in IE,Chrome,FF or Safari.

Maybe a file share server would allow us to upload and provide a link for the service providers.


In my case, the uploader just churns when sending .mov (quicktime) files. Trying to upload some final work today with a 40mb file, and no luck. 5, 10, 20 minutes later - the “wait” icon still spins. Using latest version of Firefox.


For the past seven days or so, Fiverr’s uploader has been failing on any file larger than 12 MBs in size.

I stopped using it and instead deliver either via dropbox or wetransfer.

But I really hate tha fact that my portfolio does not get updated with my latest video creations.

Fiverr needs to fix this. Like yesterday.

Uploader is really unreliable


I have been trying to upload something that took me 5 minutes to do and 7 hours to try and upload…I want to kill someone…its not worth it…they need to spend the crazy fees and invest in something that works…errrrrrrrrrr


Its been many months now for me experiencing the same issue. Contacted support already but the begin to asking about what file format you are delivering etc etc.

I have tested it many times, when i upload a same zip file on dropbox it takes seconds while same file on fiverr takes 3 to 5 minutes for a 5MB ZIP and most of the time it stuck and does not work reaching halfway.


I’m having trouble too. I’m trying to attach a .jpg and a .rtf or .docx file to my seller and no matter what I do, it tells me it’s an “invalid extension”. So the seller has had to cancel the gig. I’m not sure I’ll even be able to go through with it because the seller is in Asia and doesn’t seem to be offering up any other way to get them the files. Too bad.


I spend at least 6 hours uploading a file of 6mb and when it finally get upload then the button of “Deliver Order” got bug, there is not the first time, and now i have at least two orders delayed because i spend a lot of time uploading the file… I want to use the new interface of inbox, is much better to uploado files but is locked because i have the order. This is very frustrating