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File Uploading Problem Solution

Some buyer face problem uploading their files on Fiverr using a message or order page. Maximum time this problem is related to file name. If you use (-) or symbols like (#), ($), (@) etc., It can create problems. So I recommend that only use letters for file name I wish you will never face any problem you can also use (_) underscore sign. Here I give 2 valid filename as an example: (1) Fiverr_buyer_file.jpg, (2) Fiverr buyer file.jpg

If you have any question about my topic, you can ask me.

Hi there,

I’ve had a similar issue uploading a video to one of my Gigs. You should always try to use an original name for the file, and as you suggest use as many normal characters as you can. Even though I did change the name of my file I wanted to upload, the upload still failed. I had to contact customer support and it took a bit over a week for them to get the issue solved.

You can send the project using a dropbox link when you have trouble.

Reply to @landongrace: Yes, this is no normal and easy way. Thank you.