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Files attached during gig requirements sometimes not showing up on my end


Happened at least three times in the past few weeks, I thought maybe they forgot or somehow clicked the submit button before the files were finished uploading but the latest client says they definitely saw it as uploaded. Anyone else experiencing this?


It’s been happening to me for more than a year now. A buyer would reference a file they’ve sent either with requirements or attached to the message and half of the time the file is just not there.

I think I reported it in the very beginning but nothing changed much so I just work around it now.

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You’re right, now that I think about it I also had a few cases where attachment wasn’t showing up in messages, but those weren’t bothering me because it’s usually before someone orders so it’s not time sensitive. Also had a one-off case where I saw the attachment in the app but not in browser.


Also happened to me. I was surprised when i delivered an order and found only the source files that are successfully uploaded. I got all the files uploaded on the third attempt. I also found that it also happened on my inbox. If i didn’t clear the browser cache and refresh the page, the references that a buyer sent to me won’t came up.