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Files Not Being Delivered Correctly or At All

I had a repeat buyer yesterday send me a zip file without the text I needed to work on her project. She tried it twice… once zip, the other docx. When she sent the docx file, Fiverr’s system automatically zipped it and sent me the same exact file as the one above it. I KNOW I click on the RIGHT file, as she had saved it in two different file names.

Now, she just contacted me saying she can’t see the upload that I had sent, concerned it was something to do with yesterday’s ordeal. I resent the file as a non-delivery and then delivered the text format without a delivery file to her.

Is anyone else having an issue similar to this? I don’t know what’s up and I hope my other files are going through to my clients. I’ve delivered two orders so far this morning and I’m about to send more work to clients today.

You can simply upload files on google drive or dropbox and deliver the links to buyer, if there’s any uploading problem on Fiverr. :+1:

try dropbox…or i’m using this site since few months…very easy…buyers no need to register.they can just upload files as guest.