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Files not going through while delivering order


I was not able to deliver the files though the deliver order button. The files were not going through. I tried delivering again but in the meantime,the buyer marked the order as complete. I finally delivered the files through the inbox as attachment and buyer acknowledged it.
I just want to know that will there be any problem with the order. Is there anyone who is experiencing or has experienced the same issues?
Kindly help!


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Hey @maddy4work!

I think your files may have somehow gone through, because to the best of my knowledge, a buyer can only mark an order complete once they receive the files from the seller. I don’t think they can mark an order complete if they haven’t received any files from your side.

I think the delivery button gets a little glitchy from time to time. It must’ve pulled through and delivered the files on one of your attempts!


She said that she didn’t check for the files when she was completing the order. But she can see view those files in the inbox.