Files other than jpeg should be allowed to upload


What do you think if fiverr can allow us to upload file other than jpeg only…to show sample this become very hard for sellers who sells seo services and wants to show their previous work…I means file formats like word, excel.


Please post here


I can understand your POV, but I think it would end up being more confusing for customers, and not everyone can open all types of documents anyway. Perhaps an embedded PDF viewer would be a solution.

In the meanwhile, maybe you could use some infographic gig? That way you can represent your data in a visually pleasing manner.


I have successfully uploaded jpg, png,psd and ai files so far, for everything else I use zip files


I use a zip file for my family tree gig because I am usually delivering anywhere from 20 to 30 files, so zip works for me otherwise I use .pdf or jpg


what is “family tree gig”?


what is “family tree gig”?


what is “family tree gig”?


what is “family tree gig”?


what is “family tree gig”?