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Files upload problems, messages problems

Is it just only me or is it global. No chance to upload file over 10MB. Also I try to reply to a customer message and it does not appear in the conversation line, or sometimes shows up double or triple…?


Yes the same problem to me too!

OK, thanks.

Same here and it’s incredibly frustrating. How are we supposed to deliver on time when the site does not work?

I have exactly the same issue. It is only a file of 17kb too, so that is kind of odd. Not being able to send a message to my customer to apologize for the inconvenience is extremely frustrating.

Reply to @jtengle:

I can’t even imagine how frustrating must be for powersellers like you…

I was suffered with same issue before. i don’t know this issue is solved now or not?

It just fixed for me. Back to work!

Reply to @basdijkstra:

Yes, works for me now too.

from the day i am using google chrome browser, dont have any issue.

Fix it soon ! :)]

In Firefox got the error on quite a few occasions. Hopefully it will be fixed very soon.

Reply to @deesajn: I gave up and went to bed. Woke up this morning to see a highlighted warning from Fiverr, explaining how late deliveries cause you to receive fewer orders. Thanks, Fiverr. Totally helpful. :confused: