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Filing a dispute!

Hello Readers!

How to file a dispute?
What conditions must hold to file a dispute?

A client ordered a gig to upload her app on playstore. I uploaded the app within an hour and submitted it for publishing. Unfortunately, google team REJECTED the app, client sent me another version which got SUSPENDED which is obviously my fault and it effected me as it is counted as a strike against my playstore account. So other apps are at stake now.
I inform the client about what happened and she tried to cancel the order.
Please guide. Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand. Why would you upload an app for someone else on your account? I can’t imagine that it’s a difficult task.

Customer Support may be able to help, but the situation is screwy and you’re probably violating Google’s TOS with this (aside from the whole copyright stuff). Why are you risking your/“other peoples” apps for… this makes no sense. I can’t see you getting any help.