Filing Disputes with Credit Card Company



Does anybody here have any experience with buyers who try to get their money back by filing a dispute with their Credit Card company (even though the order has been completed and delivered).

Can they do this? And is there anything the sellers at Fiverr can do to prevent this from happening?

I just completed and delivered an order for a buyer, who demanded gig extras worth $50 free of charge, and when I didn’t want to send the gig extras for free the buyer did the above mentioned.

What can I expect?


Fiverr uses Paypal to handle credit card sales, so if a buyer goes through their credit card company to dispute a sale and receive a credit, I would think Paypal would know this, and therefore so will Fiverr. You’d need to confirm this with CS, but probably a buyer who does that will get their Fiverr account banned.

There isn’t anything you can do about that except make as much effort as possible to prevent it happening in the first place. But some buyers use it as a way to obtain free services or product. Don’t forget to tell the buyer that disputing a sale means they no longer legally own whatever they got from you, that if you see it being used you’ll have no choice but to file a DMCA report with their webserver (if that’s the case). Then be sure to follow through.


If somebody chooses to do that, it’s very unlikely that they won’t get their money back. The payment will most likely be reversed, and Fiverr won’t take the hit, they’ll take the funds back from your account.

Though they will face restrictions on their account in future.


Yes. One of my buyers ordered gigs worth $800 and got them refunded by paypal. Never got even a penny back, as it’s not fiverr’s fault, but paypal’s and the fraud buyer’s.