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Filling Requirments from buyer not provided


PLEASE HELP, the Buyer just placed an order and did not fill any Requirements, I did not receive from buyer any info to start working on, the count down is not shown but order is shown to be active[incomplete] , what would I do? , will that affect anything for me when I reach Due date? , Thanks , Jane


The order hasn’t yet started, so no need to panic. The clock won’t start untilyour buyer has submitted their requirements.


Please message that buyer. Tell me you need requirement to get start project


if the buyer not filled the order requirement then the order will not start and there for the countdown will not start. … but it will be a active order.

Just wait and see the buyer will provide you the order requirement to start the oder … if not you can send a message.


So at the Due date I need not to deliver anything? won’t be a problem then? , Thanks merciavideo


I did so, but no answer, he just placed the order and went offline at the moment :roll_eyes:


As soon as your buyer sends the requirements you need, you’ll have 1 day, 3 days etc. whatever your gig time is to finish the work. :slightly_smiling_face:


and if did not answer? , is there any worry about Due date? , Shall I contact customer serv. for that before the Due date to avoid Consequences?? , Thanks buddy <3


when a customer seeking for a seller for there digital requirements they will make the order but once made the order only the order requirement will pop up for them to fill… if they have the perticular information with them then they will fill and submit but if they dont have it at this moment they need time to find out to fill the order requirement. there for just wait they will fill it.

Till that the order will not start and there will not be a due date. there for no need to worry.


I think he is a new buyer or you can check you gig. If you don’t provided any requirement option then change that


please send reminder and poke



My Gig has [Answer is mandatory] checked ON, So I see the “ORDER NOT STARTED” state in [order page] , note attached image [1.png]

but in [Orders Tab] -attached 2.png- I see the order is “Active” and also [DUE ON] is counting(decreasing, Started with “about 23 hours” and now “about 10 hours”)

Sorry for much talking :frowning:


Your image is self-explanatory - yes the order is active, but it hasn’t yet started because the requirements haven’t been given.

Your buyer may be waiting until after the weekend to give those?

Don’t worry about the timer - it doesn’t matter as the gig hasn’t started.

Added - this may be useful:


Thanks buddy, I know I’m giving it more than it deserves but the DUE ON confuses me a bit as it going down.
Thanks again <3


@merciavideo isn’t a buddy (unless the two of you know each other from before and really call each other ‘buddy’).


No problem. Time count will begin after submit the buyer requirement.