Filter by country option



Any chance to implement searching and filtering by country?

I live in Romania and it would be really usefull if i can check only the romanian gigs for videos, pictures, etc…



That’s got my vote too. I’m looking for a NZ-based logo designer, someone who understands “kiwi-made”


I’d like to filter by country, too. I don’t care if my stuff is done by someone in the UK or in Haiti, as long as it gets done. Certain cultures are grossly overvaluing their time, and I would like to filter the whole country/ies out.


I vote for a country filter on services not sellers. For example if I’m looking to order Facebook Likes or Traffic To My Website from Australian accounts only, I don’t mind where the seller providing this service is located, as long as my service requirements are met. It can be quite time consuming manually searching results regardless if I include ‘Australia’ in my search input.