Filter for reports


Hi guys. Sorry up front for the long post, but feel like this is my last hope.

Some of you may now me as Tijanno, the girl with messy gigs on Fiverr. I posted on Forum maybe a month ago about my experience with one user, and I warned others about him. (I included may be too many details in it, so maybe that’s why its flagged for some reason).

Ironically, after warning people how he reports accounts when he’s being ignored(been there), my account got disabled recently. I knew it’s because of him because I’m following rules for a while now. Anyways, I contacted Customer Support and I’m on hold for about 10 days now and I’m at this point desperate.

Does that mean there’s no filter for reports, and you can easily get a ban, but someone can make multiple accounts and report you until you’re sick of it? With this post, I’m hoping Customer Support will notice me and/or some people with similar experience with this guy will back up my story. Thank you.


Please remove the user’s name from your post. It is against the forum rules to name/shame users on these forums.


It’s done, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


I am not understanding this.

You don’t have your account banned unless you are breaking the Terms of Service. It’s not his fault if it is banned, it’s yours in some way.


This case happend to me last year, freshly after “incident” with this buyer, and after providing saved screenshots, they gave me back my account. I’m sure I’m following rules, and plus it my account was disabled a day after he messaged me.


What do you mean messy gigs? Care to elaborate?

A link would help to get a better understanding.


Seems I cannot find it probably because it got flagged, and potentially deleted(I included buyers username). Also I posted it from my disabled account, which no longer exists.

As for my gigs, to be specific: People are sending me a script, I’m making a slime(or I’m buying it) and then I’m delivering funny video and/or photos taken while I’m getting slimed and the aftermath of it. Of course, that’s not my only one gig, but people usually contact me because of it:slight_smile:


Oh, I see.

Sounds like fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

Humbly ask Support to revisit your case. If you know in your heart that you didn’t do anything to put your account in jeopardy, it’s worth a try. Provide any interaction you’ve had with this person (screenshots) etc…
I know with the holidays around the corner, this stings.

Also, look at any videos you’ve delivered to make sure you didn’t have a (wardrobe malfunction) :tomato::tomato: showing. I mean if I were getting slimed I’d wear a bathing suit or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


I found this link:


Edit: That’s totally different guy. Just by title, I thought that’s the case I’m worried about. But anyways thanks for finding this, this is also some kind of back up for me, since I’m always up for the reporting not-by-the-rules behaviour.