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Filter for Seller Location

I was just looking for a gig, actually wanted to filter for new sellers, which I couldn´t anymore, just for level 1, 2 and TRS but …


Wow, that’s pretty big!
I wonder how many people will search for Ireland or other smaller countries as a location?

I don’t see it though, can you say whether multiple countries can be selected?


Ireland is listed! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can only select one choice I think.


I hope United States is in there.

I don’t see that, at least in my category. I just did a search for “logo” and still don’t see it. It must be in beta testing.

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I’m predicting an influx of inaccurate locations in sellers profiles.


Certain countries would probably be at a huge disadvantage. I also searched for “proofreading” and don’t see it. I hope it stays.

If this happens then I’m confident that as a content writer from Pakistan I’m screwed indefinitely.

The more I think about it the more screwed I feel. Content writers from anywhere other than the US and UK will be screwed. Even besides that I’m confident that no one is ever gonna willingly choose from someone from Pakistan or India.


yeah You are screwed. Just feel it :smiley:

It starts with Albania and ends with Zimbabwe, I think everything is in, in my screenshot there just aren´t that many as I had the TRS filter on. I can also type into the field instead of using the dropdown, the countries matching the letters appear then.

Just one, it´s a bit weird too, if I choose, say, the first one, Albania, I´ll have to first highlight/delete the actual word Albania from the search box before the drop-down reappears.

The selected country appears as an x-able box on top of the filters, so I can x it away again, but can´t add another country to it, so it´s pretty cumbersome if you want to filter for multiple countries at once as far as I can tell.

If I go to Translation, now I need to enter right away from x to y to be able to go on

(drop-downs too, though you can right away click 4 “popular” choices without needing to click the dropdown;
in case anyone wanted to know, the “popular choices” are: English Spanish French Arabic)

and choose from English to German, I get 10+ pages; using the Seller Location filter, I´m down to 6 pages.

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I agree that it could make this worse than it already is. I tried it out the search as well for funsies. I searched with “United States” as the filter. It still brought up sellers from Pakistan, India, Etc. So good news for you sellers in that area, you still show up no matter what filters are suggested.

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I’m screwed too! Not just because of the location change but the “I will pick this person from this country because they are clearly poor and I can treat them like dirt” mentality of some buyers.

That said, I did do some sampling of other sellers work earlier this year. By far, the worst writing came from a place you might not expect it to. (To be as politically correct as possible).


I can guess where that is. Looking at the bright side, if someone is searching for a seller from Malta you might be the only one who is shown.

They could give the option to permanently put a check mark next to countries we never want to see gigs from also. :no_entry_sign:

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Oh dear lord no, NO I’m not going back to those days man. I just ain’t. This ain’t worth it. My brother has finally landed that decent paying job so now I can actually get rid of Fiverr without having to live in the slums. If this shit goes down, I’m out. I am 100% OUT.

That ain’t happening. I’d rather roll around on fire in stinging nettles than work for 99% of clients from the rock I live on. I don’t accept work requests from locals as a rule. It never ends well. The culture here is to treat non-local employees like dirt and decide later if you want to pay them. This is why most of the cruise ships in the world fly the Maltese flag and pay abysmal wages. - There is no such thing as employee rights and this is exploited to full effect.

Hence my final move this year and establishing my own business away from this forsaken place.


The chances of that happening are just as high someone looking for a 10 year old to design a logo for a multi million dollar company. Being optimistic is one thing but wishing for the impossible is another.

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If you want a business partner feel free to hit me up. I might have a lot of spare time by the end of this year.


I’m looking for a safe peaceful cultured part of the world so I’m studying French.

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And your looking at France or up North beyond the Wall?

Trust me, the only place you are going to find what you are looking for is:



It’s days like this I wonder why I even bother trying anymore. It’s like every major site on the internet is running out of ideas and making decisions by through stuff at the wall and waiting for something to stick.

YouTube is killing itself, Fiverr has no idea what it wants, Freelancer shot itself in the leg a long time ago, PPH is like Fiverr but in early access, and the list of great sites going down the shitter just keeps on going.

Why do all these massive companies keep trying to fix what isn’t broken? Innovation is one thing but desperately trying to add something new regardless of consequence has never and will never work.

For now, I’m not seeing this option for myself but I can only wish they don’t decide to make it an actual thing.

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And yet sites like Dtube are still struggling to gain traction as real alternatives to Youtube, because they lack the equivalent of cool people into video games setting up shop as the next new Pewdiepie…

If only there were such aspiring people out there willing to explore new creative avenues… :wink: