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Filter for Seller Location

YES, so much yes. I’ve tried it and I love it. Planning on uploading there myself. My only source of hope is that almost all the new up and coming sites know how important community is. They’re interacting with users, creators and the audience in general which is fantastic.

But when sites like Fiverr that can put out flashy ads in half a day to monopolize peoples attention it can be hard for the little guy to grow. Welp, I’m gonna go play some Divinity 2 and try to relax. Someday, you and I need to meet up and talk shit about everything together - it’ll be damn fun.

Perhaps it will disappear again, there were a couple of beta features the one or other people saw which didn´t make it through the test apparently.

I can understand your worries though, and if the filter will go live for everyone, I agree that it most probably will be a huge disadvantage for sellers of language related gigs, never mind if their command of English is actually better than that of some sellers whose native language it is or not.

I bought one content writing gig this year, and it was from a seller from a country many people are prejudiced against (and it was a great article, completely happy with it), but I´d be lying if I´d say I don´t think most people who want English language writing gigs wouldn´t filter for country.

We’ve seen buyers asking for a location filter on the forum quite often, and from certain considerations, and for certain niches, it makes some sense, obviously, but, like some other things, it disregards some aspects, like native English speakers living abroad, or people whose English is absolutely fine and good or more than good enough for the gigs they offer.


Fun isn’t usually the word people choose to describe time spent allowing me to put their mind through a meat grinder. But if you ever want to hit me up, just find me via the Fiverr search by location feature and head in the direction other people seem to be running from. :slight_smile:


So its interesting to see this.
This Location filter seems to be one of the few updates/changes that I can’t find a positive for or a workaround I can benefit from. Nor do I see it as positive for the whole platform.
I can see some people welcoming it, only to then realize that the reason they had issues were not because they were hiring a non-native speaker but because their budget was ridiculous and that regardless of where in the world you hire someone, you need to be extremely lucky to get top quality for bottom prices.
In fact, I would nearly go so far as to say that any times I have seen someone on the forum wanting this feature to be introduced, the real issue came out where the budget was simply unrealistic, nothing to do with the seller location.
After all, whether you hire someone who’s grammar isnt great or who structures sentences badly (being non-native speakers) or you hire someone who writes nondescript, droning articles (a native speaker), the effect is the same - it isn’t worth much. In addition, the ability to work with and hire people from all over the world enriches the content produced and the experience of buying, as does the ability to work for people all over the world.

I have been working with a young man from Botswana on a number of projects for the past few months and it is actually really exciting, challenging and interesting work which he is finding extremely useful and beneficial for him. Would he have ever considered hiring a guy from Ireland if he had been searching by location? I doubt it.

There are only two positives I can think of regarding this move.

  1. I don’t think it will stay.
  2. @fastcopywriter will be happy with this change


That’s the truth.

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I’ve eliminated buyers from most of the world simply by having high prices. I have a filter on my gigs called spend the most and get the best.

I’m not cheap either but have a lot of clients from all over - places where I would never have expected them to come from and they are mostly for Marketing/SEO consultations. They also don’t quibble on price as much as others do.


I have buyers from 4 countries and that’s about it, like you said it isn’t hard to eliminate much of the world based on pricing.

Now, I can see where this filter may be helpful in some categories and totally unnecessary in others.

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The way I see it, the more we as sellers value our work, Fiverr values it.

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