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Filters don't work correctly

I filter translations from language A to language B, I get 1 (!) result, for language A to/from language Z.
I filter again for the same, I get lots (!) of results, for any language combination that has language A, most of which don’t interest me at all, because I need “to language B”, not “to language C-Z”.

I’ve used other filters too, like those new category filters in the translation category as well, they are hit and miss, they show gigs that they shouldn’t show, they don’t show gigs they should show…

Also, I can’t filter only for “Language A” to “Language B” unless I choose another filter (which I don’t want to), the “Apply” button doesn’t work if I simply want to see all gigs offering translation from Language A to B.

This was on the app, but I’ve used several filters on the desktop a while ago, with the same weird results.

As a buyer, I might well despair with how the filters (don’t) work and give up. I don’t understand why both search and filters deliver so many irrelevant hits. Someone who is filtering for (two specific languages or whatever) doesn’t want to wade through loads of irrelevant hits which their filter choice should have prevented from showing up.