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Filters should filter, not block!

I’ve never joined a site with such a poor UI, especially one that actively prevents new signups from ever being found!

The default listings shown to potential clients when selecting a service from the main menu is Best Sellers. That’s fine. However this filter blocks those without any rating and does not even list their countries in the country selector! If you change the filter to Newest Arrivals you suddenly see a load of listings and countries that didn’t exist by default. That’s appalling design.

A filter should just change the order. It should not create a different list.

When a potential client chooses a category, then chooses English speaker and then tries to select UK as a country, if UK doesn’t show on the list they will leave the site. They will NEVER think that maybe changing the list order will trigger hidden UK listings.

Please change this so you can earn more commission from suppliers that are actually able to be found.


How will you know then where best seller gigs will finish and normal gigs will start in that list?

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Hmm, I occasionally browse the site as a buyer and depending on how I look for things (search at the top of the page or clicking through the categories in the main menu) and I either get a default “Relevance” (whatever that means) or “Recommended”. Neither of those is “Best Selling”.

Both of them contain a bunch of new sellers or sellers with lower overall ratings and/or fewer reviews at the top. I’m getting thrown back to page 2 or pushed down the list fairly regularly in, what I’m guessing is, an attempt to give more exposure to the less experienced sellers.

I would argue that some of those gigs have no business being at the top of the page but fiverr thinks otherwise and is definitely making an active effort to help the new sellers out. Now, we don’t know why some new sellers get more exposure and support than the others. I would imagine it’s editorial decision which fiverr has a right to exercise depending on what content they want to see more of on the platform.

I’m also not sure that a lot of people are looking specifically for English (UK) unless we’re talking about voice over category or something of the sort where this distinction would be extra relevant.


Since it’s a sort, the best selling could be at the top of the list and those that have never sold could be at the bottom. If they wanted they could give an idea of the amount sold (qty) but the review count which is shown for each gig (or approx count for those >1K) should give an idea of it.

I’d say it’s a “sort” because it says “sort by” and allows you to choose relevance, best selling, newest arrivals".

I’d say filter should remove things from the list (like filtering out/keeping only specified things in it) and a sort should just reorder the list (eg. where a best selling sort should put the best selling at eg. the top of the list). Though I suppose it depends on which definition of “filter” is used. A software filter could also leave the amount of items unchanged but just reordered.

I agree. It’s bad site design, especially when there’s a big difference. That applies to whatever is searched for, for whatever country.

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Why would you need to know? If the seller has a rating it will show, if they don’t it won’t. Clearly indicates where best sellers end

Ok - so now my filters aren’t even the same as other ‘buyers’? That’s almost as bad… :slight_smile:

The issue is more that I believe clients would search for their country (rather than language) as it’s normal human behaviour to try to deal with someone closer to home. UK doesn’t show on the selector unless sorted by Newest.

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I agree - sorry - used the term filter when it is actually the ‘sort by’. Sort implies its 100% of the sellers but ordered in a particular way - but thats not what it shows.


I don’t think this applies to fiverr 100%. The algorithm works in mysterious ways and there is no reliable way to know who gets to see our gigs and when.

For instance, twice a year I get wildly popular among Australian buyers. I have no idea why. I’m happy to work with Australians but for the rest of the year, they don’t seem to even know my gigs exist.


I experience that too. Also at times it’s buyers from Singapore.