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Final Project not displayed in Live Portfolio?


Please help me my final project not displayed in my portfolio, i need it so that new buyer can see my great work.

The seller have been accepting the final project and have Rate me 5 star.
Thanks who ever can help me.


First question, whats your username? its not available. Secondly the project appears after few hours. So it will take sometime.


Client’s delivery will automatically be displayed if he or she enables it.

Here is what happens after you deliver:

(1) Customer accepts
(2) Customer is taken to review page where he rates you (the 5 star system). On that page, he has the option to display or NOT display the delivery.
----- It’s a small square of an icon (picture) of the delivery.
----- If he leaves “+” symbol, it will display on your live portfolio
----- If he marks it “-” symbol, it will NOT be displayed.

(3) In your case, the client probably didn’t want it displayed.


Dear Saddhu:

This is another case of a Forum User Name with an extraneous 1 appended to the end.

Try adding just yudha99 to and you should be able to see the profile.

Good luck,


Dear Blaise:

Thank you. You are the most helpful one on this forum.

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yudha99 is my user name


Dear gina_riley2

Thanks for your reply, so there is no way I can show it? what if I ask the seller can he changes it?
I think all is automate :frowning:

thanks all for the answer.


Not anymore.

Before the changes, when buyers had option to change review, it was possible.

If you really want it and the buyer agrees, you will have to do the “Resolve” option. You have to request revised review and if the buyer accepts, he can redo review and click portfolio option.

Another seller can guide you better on how to do that. @miiila or @djgodknows.

Side note, I have feeling your client doesn’t want it displayed for privacy or personal reasons.


Hi there!

I really wouldn’t push it with your buyer - as Gina says, they may be wanting to keep their transaction private.

Don’t worry - I’m sure you’ll have lots more buyers soon, who will want to add to your portfolio.

Good luck!


I don´t really know, I have the portfolio function turned off for all my gigs, to make sure that no buyer accidentally publishes something there without wanting to.
By default I assume customers want everything to remain confidential, so if I would activate the portfolio function, and someone wouldn´t display the job I´d done for them, I´d just assume they don´t want it displayed and not ask.

If you think the customer might want to, only didn´t ‘by accident’, I guess you can ask them per inbox first, before you´d go the route of requesting a revised review. Personally I wouldn´t, you have to decide that for yourself.

(post is meant for Yudha, only replied to Gina’s post because of the tagging)