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Finalizing orders manually to ensure a buyer leave feedback

has resulted in discovering that actually buyers don’t like to effectively be forced into leaving feedback. 99% of the time I have received 5 star feedback from those that choose to do so. In the last week, I have received several 4.7 and now a 4 star, even though none of the buyers have had a problem with my work or requested revisions.

Is it just a case that people don’t like leaving 5 stars for whatever reason, that they feel there’s always something that could have been done better? But if that’s the case, then why wouldn’t they bring this to the seller’s attention?

This new system has totally thrown my whole workflow into disarray. I had it running smoothly with pre-set messages set up for different stages of a project. Now it’s all gone out the window and I’m failing to see what the new changes have added.

Can anyone say how they’ve benefitted from the new changes?