Finally! - A 100% Satisfying Gig Delivered By My Seller


After 9 gigs, I got finally the very first one delivered from a truly outstanding seller. Can I promote the gig / seller here? I am 100% satisfied and the seller even delivered a day earlier. Wonders happen…


I can guess who the seller is :slight_smile:


Because you can see the gigs I ordered?


No, based on your interactions with a certain seller on this forum.


Nope, never discussed this seller here…
But is it allowed to name the seller and gig here?


OKay, I could be mistaken. Yeah, I think you can mention the seller given that it’s in a positive context, but not sure.


I’m happy you finally got a good one but sorry it took nine tries.
I don’t think you can mention a seller even if it’s a good one as it might look like promotion.


I’ve seen positive mentions okayed. It was a while ago though.


What’s the point? There are lots of good sellers on fiverr.
Let’s not start mentioning good sellers or things will rapidly go downhill. Soon everyone will have to start doing it. If anyone wants to know they can find out in a private message.


That’s one for the mod team to answer. I still think that “SELLER X WAS AN ARSEHOLE!” complaints will be more common. Along with “I PAID AND NOTHING HAPPENED BUT A LOADING SCREEN!”

Seriously, that loading screen complaint is coming up a lot lately. Have you had payment processing issues at all @multi?


Ok, will not mention but can tell that this seller is my role model on “Do it right at the first time”. We had some communication ahead and all was discussed, solved and fixed. Awesome. Any time I would order again!


For every bad one there are probably a dozen great ones.

Multisync you can say what kind of a gig it was. I have yet to hear of a great website designer.


That’s awesome and suits my understanding of a great & successful collaboration, but of course, I understand not everyone can act like this - for whatever reason. These seller will always be TOP in the “Freelance Kindergarden”, haha…


What was the gig for?


Video production and that’s not an easy gig.


I agree! I’m really happy to hear you found someone excellent to do it for you.


I was just looking at your profile. Pretty awesome niche gigs you have there. Not my thing but no doubt you are successful in what you doing.


Glad to see everything worked out for you. Not quite sure if you can mention the seller, but you can offer tips on what made this seller stand out from among the rest, perhaps others may learn from your experience.


For an objective outsider it is rather shocking that it’s not the norm that gigs are 100% satisfying executed and that there is the need for a post about it when it happens, as this underlines how rare such an event is.


It’s just rare to hear about it on the forum. It’s the norm believe it or not on the site. Just look around at all the great sellers who work at this every day making buyers happy. It is probably about 75% happy buyers at least.