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Finally, a better font change - (Fiverr new look)


I just noticed a big and nice change! I don’t know why, but the previous font was hard to read. Although I got used to it, I think the new font is much better and also much more compatible with the logo. I noticed this change on several devices, and I like the new look a lot. Also another change that I really like is that smaller screens didn’t have the full menu before. Now, that’s fixed too!

Thank you Fiverr, keep it up!


Yeah I noticed as well. I like it too.


It’s Proxima Nova (Mark Simonson Studio).


Umm, cool, I guess! Although, shiny new fonts really doesn’t impress me.:smile::tea:

@pacquo Wow wee, I would’ve never guessed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Font :trophy: goes to you. :tada:


Looks smarter than previous. Love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Is it grey or black?

looks like darker grey.

Chat exact text color is #848484 (Gray) and the menu’s text color is even lighter - #7a7d85.

All usernames and titles’ colors are a little bit lighter than black - #222325

screenshot_292 screenshot_294 screenshot_293