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Finally a competent SEO guy but Fiverr removes him unexpectedly. Why?

It took me a while to search, test and find that experienced Google SEO, PPC and digital marketing expert on Fiverr. I felt relieved. But now, unexpectedly, I receive this message from Fiverr informed me that: "…is no longer available on the marketplace. Don’t worry, the delivery they recently sent you is still available. "
“… We’re sorry for the inconvenience, keeping our community safe is a big deal for us, and we want to make sure you get the highest quality of delivery and service.”

Not to worry? That guy was great, he knew what he was doing, was polite, he delivered value and was going to advise me on the best next steps to take. Now I feel I’ve wasted my time and I have a load of data that I struggle to make sense of. Is this a real issue or was it one of these trivial things I am reading about spamming, warnings, … on Fiverr?
The highest quality of delivery and service that you says you want your clients to get, that’s what he was delivering and now I feel cheated by Fiverr itself!
I am very disappointed!!!


Your seller may not have been removed by Fiverr, they may have chosen to leave the platform themselves. :wink:

Nope, he has been unexpectedly removed I believe. And their message about keeping the platform safe is the proof.