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Finally a Victim of Blind Feedback System



I’m finally a victim of the blind feedback system. The buyer placed an order and wanted some extra work done that wasn’t included in the package he wanted such as illustration. Now he leaves a review and I thought all was well because he didn’t ask for a revision. Then he blatantly lies and says that revisions weren’t free? He never even requested one.

Naturally, I can’t reply to this so I look like an idiot saying thanks. Man oh man, talk about Fiverr messing up with this thing.


I’m so sorry this happened to you! I can imagine how upsetting this is. Hopefully the blind reviews will soon be a thing of the past.


Indeed, imagine I just messaged him to find out why he thought the revisions weren’t free and didn’t request any. He said, he misunderstood, he thought the ‘Additional Revision’ meant that included all revisions and not one after the others were used up, but said he didn’t request any because the product was excellent and he was happy with it.

After I explained about the extra work costing more, he said it made sense, he didn’t read the FAQ. I’m just thankful it wasn’t a negative star review so it’ll get buried eventually, but geez…


Sorry to say but it won’t, blind review will continue to be. The only changes/additions Fiverr will be doing are:

  • Seller’s blind review will be shown in the buyer’s profile.
  • Seller will be able to reply to the blind review buyers left in the seller’s gig.

I’m really sorry you too got caught on this mess :frowning_face: Since the new blind system, I’ve been crossing my fingers to not be another one also belonging to that list :worried:


How is seeing what they said and being able to reply to it “blind”?

Also I have no desire to rate any buyer except in the most extreme abusive situation on their part. So I’m hoping that part is optional and we can still respond to reviews after seeing them.


I have already explained it before. But I will do it again. The new review system has 2 separate, distinct stages.

  • Stage 1 is where the buyer initiates the review process (by posting their blind review), after which the seller gets to post their own blind review, too. At this stage, the seller is not able to see the buyer’s review before posting their own review. Therefore, it is absolutely (still) a BLIND review.

  • Stage 2 is where the seller is able to see the buyer’s blind review (from stage 1) and reply back to it. This is the only stage which is not blind. This non-blind stage only comes after the actual blind review process (stage 1) is already complete.

So, it is definitely still a blind review system to start with, and whenever someone refers to the “blind review” system, they’re probably referring to the “stage 1”.

If you were to look at the entire reviewing process (which includes both stages), you can neither call it 100% blind nor can you call it 100% non-blind. It is a hybrid system :slight_smile:


@hanshuber16 How do you know all this is what it will be like?


Because that is what the staff’s thread said. :slight_smile:


Why are you calling the buyer’s review blind?

This entire thing is needlessly complicated. I had hoped to simply be able to see a list of what the buyers have said in previous reviews.


Review and reply are two different concepts. Seller’s blind review is the experience the seller had with that particular buyer independently of whatever the buyer might have said, rated or experienced. It doesn’t need to match the buyer’s blind review over the seller, as oppossed to replies that are direct answers to what the buyers left. And here is were the problem lies until today with this new blind system. Seller’s blind reviews are being shown on the gigs as if they were replies to the buyer’s blind review on the seller, making sellers look like loonies :worried: That’s why Fiverr needs to hurry up updating the promised changes.

I’m affraid in this regard we’re all in the limbo… Nothing has been said about if it will be possible to reply to our buyer without submiting first our blind review.


I have already given my reasoning for this in my previous post (#6). I would refer you to that post :slight_smile:


At least stage 2 is a big improvement.

It sounds like a programming headache to achieve, aside from the inevitable bugs.


It is a blind review system. The buyer reviews without having seen the seller’s review, the seller reviews without having seen the buyer’s review.

The part with the reply to the buyer’s review isn’t a review but a reply.

Eh, anyway, sorry for you, dfenty, and I do hope “phase 2” will be applied in a way that shovels all prior seller reviews over to the buyers’ profiles too and not just new ones.


Great! It’s like a dating service where everyone is in a big room together, and the boy sees a girl he is very attracted to, leaves a card expressing that, then gets to see the rejection card from the girl where she has rated him, saying he is not attractive to her in any way. His feeling of rejection is doubly humiliating in this way, since he left a card saying she was beautiful and he wanted to get to know her better.


Well, I do hope people review each other based on their interaction and the work delivered, whether or not important questions got answered, etc., and not based on their profile picture. Especially some customers then would not ever get good reviews, no matter how great to work with, seeing that they have the default first letter of their username as profile pic. :wink:

I still don’t like the blind review system either.


So a delighted buyer gets something he loves from a seller and leaves a blind review praising the seller to the sky. He even says he will hire the seller again.

Then he sees what the seller said about him: This seller made many demands for revisions and does not understand English. It was a very unpleasant experience.

It’s like a sudden slap in the face from someone you like.

This person then not only decides to retaliate to the seller, but complains to customer support about this humiliating review and vows to stop using fiverr as soon as he makes the seller’s life hell.


Exactly that !!! With the exception that the buyer can’t reply to the seller’s review.

But it can also happen the other way around. In this case, once the reviews show up, the seller will be able to reply to the review the buyer left.

I don’t think it will be possible for buyers to complain for the reviews sellers left them. CS will send them to blow bubbles :wink:


Look at the sellers who get banned for saying negative things to buyers.

But now it’s ok to do that in public reviews of them?

What if we sent a message to a buyer:

You were very unpleasant to work with and can’t understand English. It was a terrible experience to work for you.


Well, you’d have to be artful about it, I think. You would have to word it in a non-provocative manner. :wink: There is no place for crude/crass remarks. There is always a non-provocative alternative for conveying the exact same message.


One thing is reviewing negatively and another very different thing is being disrespectful with someone.