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Finally a Victim of Blind Feedback System

I really hate blind reviews. Buyers leaving negative reviews without commenting on the delivery is frustrating. I’m just going to stop leaving buyer reviews on quick orders because I can’t know whether the buyer was satisfied or not.

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The “new, updated” version of the blind review system is being rolled out right now. I think you will have it soon :slight_smile:

In this new version, although the initial review will still be blind, you will now have the chance to reply back to the buyer’s review and explain your side of things after you are able to see it. :slight_smile:

I’ve had access to it for a while now and it doesn’t address my complaint at all. It changes nothing.

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The reply is on I’ve already used it.

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:arrow_up: This would not be any better if the review system were not blind. It would still be the same. If the buyer just gave you a negative rating without posting any comment, may I know what you would do differently if it were not a blind review system?

@vkurtsmajlaj Great! That’s awesome. Congratulations :slight_smile:

Well thank you but the review is there to stay so not that awesome.

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If the buyer continued to be unresponsive after the review, I would leave my own negative review.

I’m guessing the double-blind system was implemented to avoid seller retaliation to negative feedback,but a buyer who leaves negative feedback without any reason deserves negative feedback.

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Geez I’m sorry about this. If it helps you feel better I’m pretty sure 90% of us will or have encountered this sort of situation. Atleast you have a response button to reply publicly!

Sometimes it’s happen we should add more requirements on gig

Honestly, I don’t see an improvement with the “reply to the seller”. It’s still a blind review, and I have seen the effects today.

A buyer contacted me asking for a story. I asked him for a certain payment rate, and he said (I assume it’s a he) he couldn’t pay me that until he saw a sample of my writing quality. So, I sent him a sample of a story I had already written and sold, and kindly asked the buyer not to copy or distribute it (even if it wasn’t the whole story) because I had already sold the story together with its commercial rights.

Well, the buyer answered, and I quote: “Bull----. We’re on a business here. Do only sell me stories that are 100% original.” Sorry, but what? I’ve been a Fiverr seller for 6 years, and never had a buyer insulted me over what was a blatant misunderstanding. Of course, I ran to his profile to see what the reviews were, and what do I find? A bunch of loony, generic 5-star reviews, the kind in which the seller didn’t even bother to write something and they all say “Great experience”. NOW TELL ME THAT’S NOT BLIND REVIEWING. The seller obviously writes the first thing that comes to mind because they don’t know what to answer. However, it’s quite noticeable that a buyer like this doesn’t deserve such reviews. He’s an abuser, nothing else. I would have given this person a 1-star review.

So, no Fiverr. These reviews don’t allow us to know the kind of person we’re dealing with: on the contrary, buyers hide behind a mask of loony blind reviews and we think they’re all brilliant. This sets us sellers up for this kind of abuse. Now, excuse me, I have a buyer to report.

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This is exactly the problem with the blind review system. Most sellers leave gushing 5-star reviews for every buyer. I decided not to do this. However, every time I left a buyer an honest review, the buyer went crazy. Either they started threatening to report me to CS or started sending me messages saying they wanted to change their review of me.

It is simply too dangerous to leave a buyer anything but 5-stars. Now I, therefore, only review regular buyers and leave all other orders for 10-days until buyer reviews appear without my feedback.


You could leave a nondescript review or just say thank you like I’ve seen some sellers do.

I didn’t work with him, fortunately. He didn’t buy anything because I told him that I would not be subjected to his abuse and his swear words.

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Once again a victim… left a glowing blind review for someone who left a bad review for me. I look mindless and stupid.

You can respond to those, now. Politely and professionally give your side of the story.


:arrow_up: which when done tactfully WILL make the buyer look stupid (and make you look professional). Win-win for you! :slight_smile:


Sorry this happened, but as a New Seller here I can say this is wrong :frowning: