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FINALLY, achieved 99% Positive Rating!


Today i have finally achieved my 99% Positive Rating, I haven’t been 99% since last year and it’s been hard working up from 97% but i got there and i’m happy :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunate, but what you say is true.


But then i persuade the buyer to say that he wishes his feedback to be removed, contact support and back to 99% SWIIIISSSHHHHHHH (*)


And then all it takes is one Buyer who’s language isn’t native English and who doesn’t understand what you are offering to take it back down to 98% angry isn’t the word right now


That is basically impossible for me, after contacting several members who have left me negative feedback only a handful respond meaning I can never resolve their issues and have them agree to remove their negative feedback making the maximum I can achieve is 99% but hey i’m happy with that (*)


Are You Serious?! after the feedback has been removed by customer support and after saying he wishes for the feedback to removed he then leaves the Same Negative Feedback!, what is wrong with this guy! AAAAAAARRGGGHHHHH (~~)