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Finally after ranting since about 2009, my husband sees my Freelancing as a career!


Reply to @regency85: ~lol~ Well, to be honest I don’t follow the celebrity scene too closely, but I guess for American actors, I’d have to admit to having a soft spot in my heart for the rakish intelligence, tousled good looks and genuine humanitarianism of George Clooney! It would be tough, but, yeah, I guess I could do the romance scene with him…oh, wait! I’m being played by Charlize.



Charlize needs a “body double” for that particular scene - so you’re in luck. :smiley:

Aha! I thought you might be a Clooney-girl. Well, you’d better shoot the scene fast… he’s getting married, ya know.

Then he’ll be “off limits”. [-X

Given the “rakish intelligence” and “tousled good looks” (good description of him, by the way)…

…one can only imagine how many MILLIONS of women worldwide, will have their hearts broken the day he walks down the aisle. =((

Hmmm… maybe George should tell them all, where they can console themselves by buying a cuddly Panda/BostonTerrier/Hedgehog/PigsFly Podling… :)>-



Reply to @celticmoon: Haha, I’ll look out for you but my lamps aren’t that good.

Celtic is celtic is celtic, you can’t water us down, haha.


Reply to @regency85: I have noo idea! A sassy mouthed classy lady…with tattoos, haha.

Opposite me, give me Jason Statham…I like brawn over brains in dream land, hehe.


Reply to @cariad: I get it.

I’ve left messages for Jason (Statham), Vin (Diesel), and Dwayne (The Rock) - on your behalf.

I’ll let ya know, when filming starts…

Rob Da Agent


Reply to @regency85: Much obliged to you. As buff as I find Dwayne Johnson, I don’t think he would be able to errr “perform” as I wouldn’t float his boat.

Thank you kindly for managing this for me though, I know it will be an experience not to miss!