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Finally completed 3000 orders


Okay, so I finally completed 3000 orders…2351 reviews, most of them positive, and 653 unrated. My first 2500 happened very fast, the last 500 took forever, as most of them were bigger orders like 20-article or 30-article orders. 2900 to 3000 took 3 months I think! Anyway, it’s done, now look forward to 2017!


Meh, my milestone is more tinged with dramatic irony than yours. Put your prices up!


I don’t know, I just don’t know…


More $$$, less work. You don’t need to do it dramatically, just hitch it up an extra $5 and see how you feel after a month or so.


Yeah, I will think about that in January or February.


I congrate you upon completion of your 3000 orders. Enjoy!

> Yes, we will celebrate 2017 with new dreams.



Congratulations! How long did it take to complete 3000 orders? I am at 2200 and I’m here for 6 years now!


Congratulations, I’m really inspired


Amazing work.Best of luck!!!


Your Hard work will pay off in 2017 as well…Congratulations


Congratulations. New goals for 2017. :wink:


Congratulations brother ! how i can do this same ? any suggestions ?


All i can say is ,i’m inspired, congratulations on this awesome success journey.


It’s Sound like great :slight_smile:


congratulations… I’m about to achieve 20,000 soon :slight_smile:


I’m still a bit over 2000, I hope I get 3000 this year. Or at least 2500…? :laughing:


Oh, just forgot about this thread. Thanks everyone for your nice comments, I couldn’t reply as I was banned for a week immediately after writing this post :slight_smile: Nice way to celebrate my 3000 orders, indeed. :smiley:


Congratulations! Glad you are back too, you were missed.


Banned for this? Why? What did you do wrong, what was their canned reply?


congrats @writer99025 . I wish to be a TRS too :heart_eyes: