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Finally feeling like myself

It’s been almost a week since I began suffering the crud. We’ve been short-handed at work (like short-handed as in I’m coming in early and staying late-type of short-handed). On top of that, I’ve been sick. I think the sickness was also brought on from all the early mornings I had to pull off for Fiverr, which I normally do anyway but 2 a.m. is pushing it even for me.

After sleeping close to 9 hours (usually, I sleep 7), I’m finally starting to feel better. I think a couple of more days of going to bed early, DayQuil and my antibiotics and I’ll feel like a human again. :slight_smile:

Most my clients have been very good to me during this time. It’s rough being sick, working outside the home and trying to make deadlines. I had one client who ordered incorrectly and waited the entire time for his project (small article). The problem was everything stated above and several bulk orders before his. I felt terrible. As a gesture of good will, I told him that since he ordered incorrectly anyway, I’d do his next article (if he wanted one) for free and in 5 days’ time. Told him that it’s not typical for smaller articles to fall by the wayside but life does happen.

I wasn’t expecting a good rating or anything - And, I didn’t ask for one either. While at work, I saw he rated me… Five stars. Again, my giving him the free work had NOTHING to do with the feedback. It had everything to do with the fact that he ordered $50 worth of service and only needed a $20 article rewritten. So, even though I tried to satisfy a shorter timeframe for him in that cost, my outside job and my sickness delayed all that. This was the only other way I could ensure he didn’t feel totally slighted with his experience.

Thank goodness I’m getting back to myself. If I can get an article done this morning and I feel up to it, I may even hit the gym for 30 minutes today.


I am glad to hear you are feeling better. :slightly_smiling_face: Stay rested so you do not suffer a relapse! :wink: