Finally, first order!


Finally, after a couple of months, my very first order!
Luckily I got to work with a great person, and everything went smoothly!

Now all I have to do is work more on the visibility of my gigs :slight_smile:
Thank you all for your tips! It’s all about patience and consistency :sunglasses:


Congratulations! For your first order.


Congratulations may you have more and more:)


Thank you @zaiba202 and @smrashed31 :slight_smile:


Ahhh… the elusive first order !! Congratz on your first and here is to many more :beers:



Congrats on your first order. The first few orders are always a little hard to get… but once you get some good reviews… future prospective buyers will be able to read these reviews and have more confidence while placing orders with you.

Best of luck for the future!


congratulations on your first order :grinning:


Congratulations for your first achievement.


Congratulations, hope you get more orders soon




Congrats and keep it up.




congratulations :blush:


Congratulations. Your first order is very exciting! Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulation for your first order.


Congrats,I was excited when I got my first order Im still having no orders but you are going to get a fortune


Congratulations! Wish you all the success


Fantastic!!! To a successful first order, and many many more!!!


Congratulations! For your first order.:heart_eyes:


Congratulations! :tada: :tada: