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Finally Got Level 2 Back!

Update, 9/18: I have level 2 status back and my gigs are now showing in the search again (took awhile for it to climb back up). Support was pretty much useless during the ordeal (save for one or two surprisingly nice and helpful employees), but I am happy Fiverr itself exists, even if it can be very nerve-wracking at times!

I think the people we have to deal with in CS (overall) typically cater to buyers and care more about the money than keeping the sellers (who keep Fiverr running) happy, but there also seem to be a few who actually enjoy serving customers, as they should!

Long story short:

-Don’t report glitches! Apparently Fiverr will punish you :slight_smile:

-If your gig isn’t showing, wait it out (it’s apparently all you can do)

I actually made a new editing gig while my original was down and that did show in the search, but thankfully my original one popped back up again a few days ago as I did not want to have to re-accumulate those reviews!


What Happened in August:

Through all of my time on Fiverr, I’ve sometimes had trouble attaching files to the delivery box. It’s sporadic and I’ve tried different browsers, changing file names, various file types, etc. and it seems completely random. Maybe every 1 in 25 orders gave me this issue. Whenever it happened, I would simply deliver and instantly send the file through a message, because they always attach fine there.

Well, don’t tell Customer Support about your glitches! I finally contacted them about this at the start of the month. They simply said, “tell us next time it happens before you deliver”. I found this appalling, they wanted me to wait to deliver orders (potentially making them late), email them, explain the glitch to them again, and wait 24+ hours for a stock reply telling me to…do what I’ve always done and attach the file in a message? I told them about it so they could work out the glitch, not so I would have to ask permission to do my job whenever this issue arose.

So, just a few days later, I was demoted from level 2 status to nothing with the warning that I had been conducting “unprofessional activity”. When I contacted support about this, they said it was because I had “delivered without attachments”. Apparently, bringing up the glitch alerted them of this fact which I had blatantly told them about when I reported the glitch to them!

Shortly after I lost my levels, my gig went from getting 10+ orders a day to peanuts, so I soon looked to see where my gig was in the search. I checked on this every few weeks, and it’s always (until now) been at the top of the page (literally the first row) when you search “edit and proofread”. Every time I’ve checked this month, it doesn’t even show in the results, even if I search the exact title and scroll to the very, very bottom.

I don’t even show when you narrow it down to “online sellers”.

Apparently it’s disappeared entirely. I emailed support sometime last week, and finally got a stock reply from tech support this morning, saying they escalated it to marketplace support. Just now, marketplace support messaged and said they’d send it to their tech support team. Great inter-communication, right? :slight_smile:

They also added it could “take a while on our end” but that they’d keep me updated on the progress.


If you’ve made $12k, they’ve made at least $3,000 off of you. I think that’s reason enough to try and keep a seller happy. I’ve been reading the forums, and this doesn’t look rare.

I hope everything gets back to normal, that was good money :slight_smile:

I guess that the algorithm that they use to show search results takes many factors into account, being levels and account warnings among them. What I have no idea about is how easy (technically and regarding company criteria) is for CS to bypass that algorithm and change your gigs search position.

Also, when I have problems attaching files through the delivery system I use Dropbox. I just upload my work there, and paste the link in my delivery. You might want to do that too.

I hope you get your level and sales back soon.

Finally got my level 2 status back :slight_smile: I’ve begun using Dropbox as well when it happens (incredibly rarely) but I personally don’t get the trouble of sending a message as I had been doing.

Silly CS. Just glad I got it back, I do suppose it could have been worse!