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Finally got my first message ..Replied her ..BUT hey when will she respond me?

i was waiting for my first order few days back …but i m now waiting for her reply …its more than 24 hours now …when will the buyer reply me ?? any guesses ??

Maybe she just won’t

You mean you only got a message and no order? I get a lot of those and most of them just move on and find other gigs.

Here’s a clue: you’ll know when the buyer responds because the buyer comes back and places an order.

Lots of buyers ask questions first before placing orders. They want to be sure you can do whatever their job is, or to find out if they can communicate well with you, or your gig description wasn’t clear so they had questions about it. And many do not come back, but some will, so it’s important to always treat each person who contacts you as a potential buyer.

yeah she never came back …huh …my bad luck …i m still promoting my gigs to get my first order …anyways thanks for your advices