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Finally got my first Order after a Year




Congratulations for the first achievement.
Go ahead with success.


Wow …!! Congratulations.




Congratulations,all the best


I doubt that the new sellers really have much of a chance to make sales here (and also in similar websites) regularly…

As a result, before you publish a gig, you know what you can, and you can not do… But you can also improve yourself as you start getting more orders, because that would force you to learn more and motivate you to do more as well…

But newer members mostly do not even find that chance since nobody even messages them… Since there are already “sheriffs in town” from the top sellers lists who have hundreds of positive views and delivered orders… So, they kind of monopolize the market and run the show…

It also makes one think, “why would they give me a chance instead of those top sellers”… It is simple human logic… Even though I am a new member (since march 2019), I also did not get even a message yet and reading this post made me predict my possible future here, Lol…


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Congrats and good luck @iniafi