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Finally got my First Order & then it turned into 3

Hi Fiver Community,

I wanted to share my experience as I think it will help a lot of people on here. So Ive been on Fiverr for just over a month now I started it so that I could toned up on my CAD Design while in lockdown. CAD is something I love to do and I thought this would be the perfect thing for me.

At first i was excited waiting for my first order. I was just so ready to give a good experience to my first buyer. Those first 2 weeks flew by as I continued to work on my CAD. After the two week mark i began to start feeling sad and annoyed that I had not got any orders. I could see the impressions and clicks go up but no orders. At first I thought it was my gig not been striking enough so I did some tweaks.

After tweaking my gig I waited another week. After this still nothing. I was frustrated thinking that maybe I hadn’t done something right or that my gig was in a flooded market. So I left it alone for a while and worked on some other things. Another 2 weeks went buy and i had been working on promoting myself through other platforms while constantly checking fiver once a day. I was very close to giving it up and just leaving it all together when something amazing happened.

After a full month and a bit I got a notification on my phone showing that i had a DM. I was very excited like when i first started. I opened it up and it was my first buyer asking if i could do some adjustments on his model. We had a long conversation about what he wanted exactly and we traded pictures of what he wanted done. After this i got straight to work on his order and completed it well within the desired delivery time. When i got back to him about the finished work we created a custom gig and he paid me more for finishing with a quality service.

After this I was happy. I had just completed my first order and made a bit of money for myself while doing it. Then the next day i am going through my dashboard and i get another DM from the same buyer. He asked me to do some more adjustments on his model. These were more complex but i went off and got them done. I had such a pleasure working with this buyer and everything went so smooth. After this I got another order off him again to design a part he needed. I made money and had a great relationship with my buyer it was the best experience.

I know this is a bit of a rant but i just wanted to post this to show all the people on here who are waiting for buyers to order that it will happen eventually. I was going to give up and then i got one order that turned into 3 which is mind blowing. To anyone who is waiting for their first buy just know that it will happen and who knows you could be lucky and get more orders out of it.

Thank you for listening and reading.