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Finally got round to using the Gig Request feature and...WTF

It’s really given me an insight of the amount of time-wasters you have to sift through…

Primarily a seller, I haven’t found the need to buy many gigs yet, but I recently had an idea to see if I could find a copywriter to brainstorm me 72 blog TITLES.
Not before long, my entire inbox and notifications were filled with eager Fiverr sellers.

“Wow! Excellent, such response!” was my initial reaction.

But after reading 10, 20, 30 of these responses… I realised that only 1 or 2 of these sellers actually read my request.

I was overloaded with people completely jumping the gun, attempting to charge me up to $400 to write all the blog article posts… completely not what I was after…

I explicitly mentioned that I only want blog article TITLES, but seems like no one cared to pay attention.

The irony is that I am searching for copywriters, yet 98% of my requests were from sellers who:

a) Could not even string together a basic sentence in English
b) Do not know how to read and correctly interpret a client’s brief.


yup! that’s the buyers request for you lol. I guess some people figure if they keep shooting eventually something will land borderline spamming!

At the same time… For reputable sellers. I got few custom orders from the buyers request… I visit every so often and see what I can do that is reasonable that people don’t want 10 videos for $5… and offer my services and every so often get some work from it.

I know that a lot of potential buyers get piled with so much doodoo that they just give up on the process and stop reading them too.

Definitely has to be revised and made more efficient.

I charge $75 for 400 words. It’s worth it (no, really it is. Quality costs). You can wade through 300 plz 2 hair me responses or get serious writers who can write, research and do a good job.

I don’t go on BR because it’s a desolate waste ground. I’m also really good at unraveling shit briefs. A sad talent, but a useful one lol. I’m not asking you to hire me, I’m really just saying you need to lower expectations and do more research before picking someone who you can enjoy a longterm business relationship with. I know I love working with clients where it’s easy because we’re familiar with each other and communication can be brief, focusing on shorthand for what I need to do.

Thanks @emmaki …Yeah, I know that quality costs money, and I’m willing to pay top dollar to the first person who can read and understand my brief. Lol.

Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen via buyer requests…

If you are looking for bids, I would suggest other freelance sites that I can’t mention by name: you’ll get more serious offers there. BR here is really just a place for new sellers to get their first gigs and reviews.That’s solely my opinion, mind.

I can’t believe some of the requests-- wanting someone to pour beans over their head for example. It seems like half of them are from fetishists.

A request to pour beans over someone’s head? That is a… well, apparently there are some very odd fetishes out there.

And people are willing to do it.

I want to pour beans over the head of all these morons who spammed the hell out of my buyer request with their irrelevant gigs.