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Finally got the 95 reviews!

Hi, friends Alhamdulillah finally got the 95 reviews on fiverr please pray for me. I want to get more and more success.



Congratulations. Best wishes for you.

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Awesome! That is great. May you get 950 soon!

Just wondering, why 95 is milestone and not 100 :grinning:

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Congratulation brother,You can do it in a short time. I am Bangladeshi but I have don’t any job


Thanks a lot @musfakur

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Please pray for me @k4u_91

Please share your gig on the social marketplace I hope you got many orders!! thanks @web_expert_jony

Congratulation bro :sunglasses:

I didn’t see a reply to the question why 95 is a milestone… is it a threshold fiverr establishes to beat, or just a goal for personal reasons?

Brother, I do every day but no reply client

congratulations to you …

Wow…!! really looks awesome. I wish to get more order in future.