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Finally hit 500$ in sales (3 months)


I joined as a seller on Fiverr around the month of May-June 2018. I was really frustrated in the beginning, because I had no sales until November 2018. When you get your first order, make sure you deliver a job that you put 1000% effort into. Regardless of the price of the order. You must get the ratings and feedback rolling for your account.

I just hit my 500$ mark with orders since November. I consider that a huge accomplishment! This has helped me grow my skills and allowed me to earn some side income. I plan on continuing.

Just a reminder for those starting out that it is completely normal for you to have an extremely slow start. I was hustling on the forums as well. Keep your heads up and goodluck.


congrats bro :woman_red_haired::woman_red_haired:


Congratulation @imsamirr :slightly_smiling_face: Wishing your regular success on Fiverr :+1:


congratulations to you


Congrats @imsamirr !!! :+1:
Never give up!! :+1:


yummy yummy. congrats, man!


Congratulations bro… Sounds great with you the beat and many more accomplishment…