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Finally hit Level One after over $1000 worth of orders in my first two weeks!

I woke up today to find my Fiverr profile at Level One status after a strong first two months on this awesome platform!

Honestly, I could not have had the success that I’ve been having without the help of you all in this forum.

From adjusting my SEO to previous recommendations to fixing up my descriptions and thumbnails to better attract a targeted audience, my gigs have definitely come a long way since the beginning.

Thank you to all the different sellers and businesses on Fiverr who’ve been helping out smaller sellers like myself.

Let’s keep the momentum going into the rest of the year!


Congratulations on your achievement :+1:

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Congrats :blush: :gift_heart: :bouquet:

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Congrats on achieving Level 1. Level 2 on the way!

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Thanks a bunch! :relaxed:

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Thank you! :smile:

I appreciate you poppin in.

I hope so!

Looking to keep the orders up. It’s been a little tough with the analytics and data feedback being down, but we’ll keep doing our best with what we got :relaxed:

I really want :frowning:

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It’s definitely been tough trying to slowly build my profile to a place where I feel like it’ll attract the right audience, but start with a quality service or product! You’ll only go up for there.

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