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Finally, I am a Level 1 seller

Finally I am a level 1 seller.

Past : In 2014 I have come across Fiverr on Google search.I registered on Fiverr and I didn’t add any gigs. At that time I don’t have adequate skills to sell on Fiverr. I forgot about the Fiverr

Present : After almost 2 years In June 2016, again I have come across Fiverr. At this time I have WordPress skills to sell. I have created few gigs I have waited almost one month to get my first order. It took me a month to complete the 10 orders and reached to Level 1.

Out of ten almost all orders come through buyers requests. Almost I Offered 100 buyer requests to get 10 orders. Out of 10 I was tipped for two orders. I have got all 5 star ratings.

Future : I look forward to reach Level 2 In the next two months.

can you tell how you offers them

Please write your offers with how you complete the particular work. Your price tag Is also most Important. No need to send 10 offers daily. Mostly I send only If I can do the work. Please read the request carefully before offering.