Finally I am a Top Rated Seller


I want to celebrate with Fiverr community my brand new badge, the gold one.

I dreamed of it for about 18 months and finally here it is!!

I have a huge and silly smile on my face and my day is really wonderful :smiley:

I want to thank all the people who supported me during my Fiverr period and all my wonderful buyers that lead me to this badge.

I still can’t believe it, but sounds true :slight_smile:


Nice! you should celebrate :slight_smile: congrats


Bravo, complimenti!



Two thumbs up !! :slight_smile:


Thank you mates, thank you so much!!! ^:)^


=D> congo


Congrats Mark :slight_smile:


Gratz!! Happy for you.


Sorry for truncated images, cannot replace them… thank you so much to all of you!!


Congratulations! you are the best =D>



How many sales are required to break in the top seller category ??


Awesome :slight_smile: This is a high honor!


Reply to @summergraphics: I want to quote what Customer Support told me six months ago when I asked: “We look for unique gigs, positive feedback, a high volume of orders and no warnings or TOS violations”.

Add what @kjblynx told you and you have a good recipe.

Becoming a TRS is a great honour and requires hard job, good attitude and love for the service you’re selling :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: indeed, I am really honoured to become part of this elite… I hope I can go on doing a great job and deserve this badge!!


WOW! This is my Hop that you already got bro. Congratulations! ^:)^


Woo hoo! =D> :D/


hearty congrats! :wink:


Thank you my friends, thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


Best of luck to your continued success. :slight_smile:


@mark74 nice to see this early Christmas present you got