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Finally I completed my First Order but i have questions Plz help

i was really upset when my gig didn’t receive any order from buyers , i was worried about my fiverr career, as i have 11 years of good experience in Illustrator profession but i thought my experience have no use in fiverr but one order changed my way of thinking about my future in fiverr. anyhow finally i got my first order. Thanks you and i would like to thank specially to @catwriter , catwriter suggested me to offer something for 5$ , i changed the prices of my gig packs, and its worked,… thank you everyone. please suggest me what to do next , i mean. should i create more gigs or right now i have only one Gig, is that enough ? and i have one more question to ask , will i have more chances to get orders if i Create more Gigs ? thank you in advance for your advice n suggestions


You see! Taking the advice of talented and veteran sellers will always work!

Keep up the great work!

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