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Finally i got a order and five start review!



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congrats, ,me still looking


Congratulations! Promote Your service in social Site.I hope You became Successful Seller.Good luck.Thanks You



Good luck @zulkar_nayin


That’s Great Friend :slight_smile:




Congrats keep on doing such work have fun… :slight_smile:


Congrats, feels pretty good when you get that first order and 5-star review. I’ve got 25 such reviews so far. Make sure you always do your very best to start growing your number of repeat-buyers. That seems to be where the big money is; get lots of buyers coming back for more, but you will only earn that by doing a truly fantastic job. With ALL my writing ventures combined, I’m set to make almost $700 CAD ($530 USD as of right now) in the month of July, could potentially earn even more considering there’s still 10 days after today. A massive amount of that is from people who had previous ordered from me, and I have several people promising to order more.

It takes a long time, a lot of effort, plenty of good communication, but in time you can similarly get yourself to the point of three-digits and beyond. If I keep going at the rate I’m going, I may very well reach $1000 Canadian in August. At THAT point, well technically $1030 is the number, but at THAT point I will consider myself a full-time writer. I will have made enough money for myself to survive off of for a full month.

I just realized that I’m making enough money to where I could at least consider myself a proper part-time writer… that feels bloody good…


Congrat bro , try to make more orders


congrats dear keep it up


Good luck ! Best of luck


Congratulations. Best of luck for the future.


Congratulation , im still looking for first order hope you all the best


Congratulation .I am also completed My first job!


Congratulation :grinning:


Congratulations …
Happy Fiverr :heart_eyes:


Congratulations, best of luck