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Finally I got back on fiverr, guys! A 15 days journey of hard work


I am back. Finally I got back my account after a hard work, discussion, convincing Fiverr of my innocence etc.

I had promised I would come back :wink:

After I shared my experience here on forum last time when my account was suspended, I got banned from forum also. Today I got back to forum too.

I will come again with detailed story when I get free of how I got my account suspended and then got it back. It is as interesting story as of a super-hit Hollywood movie.

Atleast I would say Fiverr is a nice place to work with. They listen your stance no matter how many times you contact them.

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Wow weldone bro! :muscle:

This is the first time i am hearing from the seller who got suspende from Fiverr.

Please let me know if anyone else succeeded convincing the Fiverr to get back their accounts?


@imshah786 CONGRATS !!


my gig now block how could servive this situation.


I wnat to be a new firend this fiverr .


What exactly happened ?


Getting account unsuspended itself is a big thing, so you should be happy that atleast your gig is suspended, so i think you should forget about it, and create a new same gig by avoiding the mistakes done in suspended gig.


I will come with a detailed post about this when get free, please. Sorry for being late


Getting a single gig blocked does not matter. It seems that you have not sold any gig, so your blocked gig must be a new one. Dont bother about getting blocked a new gig. Just forget about it and create new and avoid those mistakes due to which you got your first gig suspended.


Thanks buddy for the wishes:)


It would be nice if you told us some details.


@misscrystal sure, I will tell.

Actually I want to share each and every things in detail including the conversation with Fiverr. So, will write a detailed post when get free.


Congrats :blush:
What was the reason that you got suspended?


They claimed that I had violated the TOS despite of receiving one warning. But I fought my case and succeeded to convince them that I had never violated the TOS after I received first warning.