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Finally i got it thanks fiverr for being honest!

about this topic
(i earned 28$ and they are neither put in the net income nor in the pending clearance
i called the customer service many times and they are too late in solving that issue
what can i do ?)
i finally got my money iam happy and as i shared my sadness with you i want to share my happiness with you also
thanks for your time


You :telephone_receiver: called customer service?

A far as I know CS handle issues via their email ticketing system.
But you got your money back, so good for you! :money_mouth_face:

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I am glad that you got your money back but sometime if you wait it will show up automatically.

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Not meaning called them by phone ofcourse
i meant contacted them by many tickets

i waited for more than 4 months and it was a technical error and the CS solved it but after around 4 months

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