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Finally... It's Spring Break

With Spring Break started - Day 4 technically - I am spending my mornings on Fiverr stuff and spending more of my afternoons with my family. I’ve already got one of my projects done this morning and am working on 3 others. I have a huge project due the 24th and my goal is to get it done by Friday along with another large project due the 28th. I’m glad I got this week to finish them both.

I can do it if I stay focused - plus get to the gym, spend time with the family and clean the house. I’ve been sleeping in (no 3 a.m. wakeups this week). I’ve even played some games on the PS3, which is now in my workroom.

I was recently asked by my boss by her boss to think about going to manager’s school this summer (in the prospect of taking over a kitchen at the school). This would certainly be interesting. A lot of people think I’d be good at it, calling me organized and detailed. (I can agree with that to a certain extent, but it’s really good to hear it from others.)

And, I’ve been thinking about it.

I also have an interview when we get back from spring break for a secretarial job at the school working in the Pre-K building.

Decisions, decisions!

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this week of Spring Break… even if it means working on Fiverr work. I’m all good.


@emeraldawnn it’s great, enjoy your spring break time!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello, Miss @emeraldawnn,

Our spring break is next week. I will be caring for my 4 year old grandson and 7 year old granddaughter. I am hoping to get my work done in the evenings so I have plenty of time to play and go on adventures with them. Their grandpa is retired too and since next Monday is my birthday we are planning a trip out of the house to do something fun. Maybe pizza and a movie. (Winter was long here and we did not go out and about anymore than we had to.)

I tried your chili recipe and it is now my go to meal for cold winter days.

I would go for the secretarial job at the Pre-K building. It is fun to be around the littles and working in the kitchen is more of a drain on you energy.

Enjoy you Spring Break.

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