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Finally level 1 and some issues with the level system


First of all my profile page:

I had no clue there is a place on forums to promote gigs…I wish that I knew that sooner.
Since my work is game dev related, it takes quite a while to finish 1 gig and orders can span up to a month of time.
But fiverr level system requires you to get as many small orders as possible which is a problem(I will be trying milestones system next, perhaps each step in milestones count as 1 order)

Reaching Top Seller is helpful as it’s the only level that reduces waiting time for money from 2 weeks to 1 week and at my current rate it would take me many years.(at that point I will probably no longer work through fiverr)

If you have some recommendations regarding my gigs and how I could improve those(especially the ones that I have orders, since others are kinda left in the dark and about to be removed)