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Finally Level 2 Seller today & added the best document sharing extra in to my writing gig


I have completed 65+ articles on in my first month with 100% rating but was initially not given Level 2 due to one problem. But I finally got it today ! Yay ! :slight_smile: I have added an awesome gig extra that I wanted to add for a long time. I will not only write like before but submit the PDF and the Powerpoint to Top 30+ Document sharing sites with a backlink. No gig on Fiverr gives a better value for money than this and I hope this will become popular.


Is there anything else I can do?

Can you suggest any improvements to my gig extras?

I’ll collect your gigs if you reply! :slight_smile:


Not got any particular suggestions to you, you’re clearly a fantastic writer, so just keep doing what you’re doing :slight_smile:

Congratulations by the way!


Reply to @rossonomous: Thank you, pal ! You are too kind. :slight_smile: Do you think there is enough demand for document sharing gigs? I looked around and most of them are offering 15-25 sites. I am offering more than 30 and I’ll be doing it in multiple formats of PDF and presentations. So more variety.

Would like to know from Fiverr community.