Finally Level 2 - TS Im coming!


Finally After a year on fiverr I am a lvl 2 seller.
Now I consider this a major milestone for my personal self.
Now about me - I turned 20 last month. I have always loved designing. Not just digital graphics but all forms of it. My journey on Fiverr started when a guy ordered me to make game of thrones styled house d banners for his family. Then I found a market for myself designing album arts. My style, if i describe it is - minimal and elegant. But Im pretty flexible when it comes to that, what the client needs. I don’t enforce my style on the client, i try to mold my style ccording to the needs. As of education, I am pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. And as of now, I am in my 2nd year out of the fourth. Talking about money now - for Me belonging to a country whose economy varies vastly then like that of the countries like USA, it puts me in a slight psychological and economical advantage. Here if I make 10k - 15k(rupees) a month, which is like around 250 usd, i can use it to the fact that the cost of living here is waaay cheaper than the USA. It easily helps me with all my site subscriptions, Internet data plans etc. I have gathered a lot of experience in this one year and will continue to gain more by working here. My dream is to be a top tier graphic designer, and to be realy honest - Until I gain a clientele and a reputation, I will keep working here to gain the precious experience. I am not saying it in a “use and throw” mindstate, Not at all!! Iam just thinking ahead of time, of the times when you have to let some things go! I hope if you read this,you understand my views and my journey. Keep going everyone!


Thank you for sharing :grinning::+1:


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face: